Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Previously on "A Boy and His Blog" August 1st

I am starting to feel better than I did when I wrote this. This was after I, and my good friend Rod, had taken the last of my stuff out of my place, and the weight of leaving everything I had previously known came down on me.

Entry for August 01, 2006
The Bible tells me Sarah and Abraham left their people because God told them, the Bible also tells me Simon, Andrew, James and his brother John left their people because God told them too. There is no mention, however, that they may have cried at their loss, or that they resented the command. Today I have left everything and everyone I ever knew, and my heart is breaking. I think the Bible may be incomplete in its account of people's willingness to follow God.

I do not wish the impulse or the necessity of having to leave friends, family and loved ones on anybody.
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