Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Free journalism

Now that I have your attention, the closure of the The Kamloops Daily News compels me to comment, after all everyone has an opinion and I’m an asshole. (I’m not completely convinced that expression was explained to me accurately.)

In the Beginning
I chose to leave the car business in 2006 against some advice to study photojournalism.

My career had stalled, I had become both bored and frustrated with my work and I couldn’t bear the thought that being my future for another thirty years.

After prayer, contemplation and gaining some insight into who and what I am, journalism became a welcome, interesting and exciting direction to pursue.

Wednesday, January 08, 2014

The Great Hiatus

Holmes and Moriarty fighting over the
Reichenbach Falls, by Sidney Paget.

When I started blogging, some time slightly before the founding of the Ottoman Emipire and after the fall of the Roman Empire, (did you know Istanbul used to be called Constantinople?) I read an article on another blog which advised if you’re posting after an extended absence don’t start with an apology for not blogging, just write your article, post it and move on as if nothing happened.

I’ve generally followed that advice when it’s been too long between posts, but this most recent absence has been a bit unreasonable.

It’s been over a year since my last post, and three months before the post prior to that.

My excuse for my blogging absence, which the aforementioned article suggested not going into, was working full-time (yeah!) having a second job for a few months (yeah!) and two people at home who I very much enjoy spending time with.

Friday, October 05, 2012

My wife is gonna be PISSED

You owe me one.
So, I'm at home working on a proposal to fix a company's online presence (they have five Facebook pages and one Facebook group. They really need me.) when I get a phone call from 604-259-0402.

I assume (well, actually, hope with fingers crossed) that's it's someone ready to offer me a full-time job so I can pay off some of the creditors who are also calling.

[Hire me, I'll fix your Internet presence for food. (I mean cash, I'll fix your online presence for cash. {Cash which I can use to buy food!}{I miss food.})]

So, I answer the phone and Bonita tells me I've been selected to receive a Disney vacation including:

  • Seven days six nights Caribbean cruise
  • Rental car with unlimited mileage
  • Disney World
  • Orlando Magic card good for discounts on attractions
Because I registered for it.

Monday, July 09, 2012

Celebrate the bullet

In a another lifetime my buddy Marc and I would rent the video (no not the DVD, the VHS video, which lets you know how long ago this was and in what galaxy this took place) Bullitt so we could fast forward to watch the legendary ten minute 53 second car chase.

Then we'd watch whatever other videos we'd rented.

We never watched the rest of the movie. It was years before I finally watched the complete movie, and, with all due respect to Steve McQueen, that's a terrible movie.

A really, really terrible movie.

I don't recommend it.

So, I have good news for you!

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Best. Spam. Ever. (continued - now with more crazy)

Speaking of crazy...
Way, way back, shortly after the earth cooled I received an email. (Yeah, that's right, I had email before it was cool. [That's right, I had email before the earth cooled. {I know, I know, but it seemed like a better joke before I typed it, and if I had to suffer through it, then you do too; and the email I'm referring to arrived in April, this year}]).

Anyhoo, the this email was appropriately caught in my spam filter which I have to check periodically because there is the remote possibility someone will have offered me a job in my field of training paying well enough to pay off my training.

(Will write words, make video or take pictures for food.)

Friday, June 29, 2012


There's only one reason I have any idea what that word means: the car magazine Road & Track.

I actually never had a subscription, I paid full price to buy it off the magazine rack.

I did this for years because I enjoyed it that much.

I once had a subscription to Car and Driver, but I became tired of the libertarian politics.

And I think P. J. O'Rourke is over-rated.

(I also never got the show Seinfeld, so I admit I may be the one with the problem.)

Monday, June 25, 2012

Politics VS Sport

My editorial published in the Kitimat Northern Sentinel, November 10, 2010.
I have done this myself as a political geek, and I’ve seen it done on television and heard it on the radio.

The misdeed is referring to politics as a “sport”.

The comparison is an obvious and easy one to make, which is why it is so common.

But it overstates the importance of sport, while understating the importance of politics.

Well, except for hockey.

And football.

Oh, don’t forget soccer.

And if you’re going to mention soccer, you may as well bring up cricket.

Sports can play an important role in society with the benefits of exercise, socialization and the opportunity to test one’s resolve.