Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Have I told you about my personal relationship with Jesus?

Okay, it's not the rapture, the second coming or whatever it is you believe about eschatology, it's just Jorge, a classmate of mine.

Another classmate, Jim, and I were sitting in the cafeteria with Jorge having a photogeek discussion when I noticed the great light on Jorge. As Jim and I were pointing our cameras at him, telling him to "make love to the camera", and "work it, baby, work it", Jorge was wondering what the hell was going on because the sun was blinding him! Once Jim and I showed him the pictures (we charged him 25¢ to see each picture because camera equipment is expensive), he saw that we weren't both insane. Well, at least, we weren't insane because of this.

Yes, I did ask Jorge if I could put his picture up on my blog.

But, he said "no".

Don't tell him I did it anyway.

Please, he's really mean, as is obvious from the image.
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