Monday, April 16, 2007

It's Happened Again

Another troubled man has shot people on a school campus.

I've heard on the Larry King show on CNN, Dr. Phil has already started blaming video games. Because, after all, before video games only organized crime and governments engaged in massacres. That gives me comfort.

There are reports some people are starting to say the school officials may have been negligent.

Others are saying gun laws in America do not need to change.

Am I the only person who will be at my school tomorrow making sure I know where the exits are? I have been in school less than a year and there have been three school shootings. In Canada we can't even be smug and say, "Well, that kind of thing only happens in the States", because then we deny our own history and disrespect those whose lives were taken. Centennial Secondary School, Concordia University, Dawson College, École Polytechnique, St. Pius X High School and W. R. Myers High School. That's more than you expected, isn't it?

I think I am upset because I want to be a journalist to make the world a better place. But I have no idea where to start to fix this. Why do these tragedies happen at schools, not other locations? Why can't we seem to find these men and help them before they get to this point? How do we help each other heal?

I will go back to school tomorrow, but I will keep an eye on the exits.
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