Friday, May 04, 2007

One Half of School is Complete

Apparently, I can't shoot news, and when I do it's not very well lit; on the other hand, I can fix it in Photoshop. At least this is one way to interpret my grades. (See below)

Another way to interpret my grades: a picture may be worth a thousand words, but my words will be better than the picture. (See below)

Another, nother way to interpret my grades: the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. I can't shoot news, or light it, but I know how to put a portfolio together and I know how to make more than one picture tell as story. (See below)

This semester was way tougher than the first semester. There were times when I was working on the "what's due tomorrow basis". Unlike when I was in high school, though, there really was a lot of work to get done. My instructors were great and very supportive and my classmates worked together to create a collegial atmosphere.

Highlights of the semester included seeing a dogsled race in Marmora, being in charge of fundraising for the photojournalism 20th anniversary gala (The World Educates a Photojournalist), acting in the student film Chronicles of Daisy (I was soldier number 1, Brian Morton) and the end of winter.

The only real hardship this year, besides getting everything in on time, was when the second-year students all left for their internships, jobs and the rest of their lives. When I came to school I didn't expect to get to know the more senior students very well or become attached to them. Now I miss them. Bastards.

Again, I can't give enough thanks to the people who've helped me realize my dream. This has been such a great experience, I can't wait for next semester. Thank you all.

CRN Subject Course Section Course Title Campus Final Grade

5480 MEDI 1003 C Civic Literacy 2 Main 92

5466 PHJN 1006 A News Photography Main 60

5468 PHJN 1007 A Location Lighting Main 68

5470 PHJN 1008 A Portfolio Development Main 75

5472 PHJN 1009 A International Photojournalism Main 91

5474 PHJN 1010 A Multiple Pictures Main 81

5476 PHJN 1011 A Advanced Photoshop Main 89

5478 PHJN 1012 A Writing For Photojournalists 2 Main 82

Credit Summary

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