Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Look at Me, Look at Me, Look at Me!

I invented the world's greatest (non-alcoholic) drink: start with a chocolate milkshake, add hazelnut flavour, then add two shots of espresso. It's amazing what you learn when you go to Peterborough.

Oh, yeah, I went to Peterborough

My good friend Jim, his roommate Christian, his girlfriend and I climbed into my very small car and pointed it towards Peterborough. Thank goodness for front-wheel drive, it just goes where you point it.

We had a great day, Christian is from Peterborough, and he was our guide for the day. We also had the good fortune to meet his parents, Dave and Judy when we stopped by the family home for a bathroom break.

We went to Trent University's river-front campus. Yeah, I said river-front campus, but the beauty doesn't end there, the campus has some of the most beautiful architecture I've seen at a university. It's even nicer than Simon Fraser University. Sorry Arthur. It looks like a great place to learn, I think I'd rather go there than Starfleet Academy.

We stopped at Del Crary Park and had the world's largest serving of ice cream. Okay, it wasn't the world largest, but for $1.50 it was still pretty darn huge. Oh, yeah, and they have a great water fountain. And a concert venue big enough for 12,000 people. And it’s right next to the marina. And it has surprisingly clean washrooms.

We went from there to the highest point in Peterborough, and saw the amazing views of the countryside. I can see what attracted people to settle in the area. We also toured the Peterborough Centennial Museum and Archives because they were on the hill too.

Then we went down the hill to the lift lock. It wasn't like what I expected at all, the lift lock is like the world's biggest elevator. Essentially, it is two hydraulically connected trays of water each big enough to hold a boat. The tray at the top has a little bit of water added so it weighs more than the tray at the bottom, then, as the top tray goes down, the lower tray is lifted through the weight imbalance. How can you not love Victorian-era engineering?

It was after that that I created world's greatest (non-alcoholic) drink.
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