Saturday, July 28, 2007

Okay, So Belleville Doesn't Totally Suck

I have just finished shooting an assignment for the Belleville Intelligencer.

"Big deal!" I hear you say.

"Yes, that's right, we said 'Big deal!'" You said, in reply to my quotation of what you said.

Wait, hang on, who's the bus driver?

Uh, wait a moment, where was I, oh, yes, I just finished shooting The Empire Classic Rock Festival.

"Big deal," I hear you say, yet again, and you go on to add, "if I hear Stairway to Heaven one more time I may have to kill someone, never mind if I have to listen to any more Pink Floyd."

I try to get a word in edgewise, but you won't shut up, "I've heard enough classic rock to choke Alan Freed."

Wow, you're really chatty.

And somewhat bitter.

No, my dear blog reader, this is classic rock that is classic to you, not the people who graduated from high school ten years before you.

On Thursday night I shot April Wine and Cheap Trick, Friday I shot Kim Mitchell and George Thorogood, and Saturday I shot Sass Jordan and Pat Benatar and Neil Giraldo.

"Who the hell's Neil Giraldo?" I wish you'd watch your language.

Neil ‘Spyder’ Giraldo, beside being Pat Benatar's husband is an incredible musician in his own right. And producer. And song writer. Singer? Not so much. Of course, his singing is being directly compared to Pat Benatar's, so maybe one should cut him some slack.

Any hoo, it really floors me that Belleville can pull in acts of that calibre. The concerts themselves are held in The Empire Square, which is next to The Empire Theatre. At a different hour of the day The Empire Square would be called The Parking Lot Next to The Empire Theatre.


Actually, you can hear the music clearly at my house, which is great if you're a student who couldn't afford to go to the concert. Or couldn't get a media pass.

The acts were great, and it really is a credit to the people of Belleville to be able to support a festival like this.

Okay, so Belleville doesn't totally suck.

Oh, crap, now I have Stairway to Heaven going through my head.
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