Sunday, August 12, 2007

If I Can Make it to Manhattan, I Can Make it Anywhere - Part II

The train finally arrived in Manhattan almost two hours late. This was better than the train just ahead of us on the tracks, it was running three hours late. See Dan, when I’m late it’s not necessarily my fault. Or, at least, in this case it was not my fault.

Customer service levels on the train were not Cathay Pacific level. The staff was friendly, but there weren’t enough of them. If you’ve travelled by train before, you’d be fine, but if not, then you go sit in coach, “Hmmm, this seems nice, there’s lots of room, and hey, look, a power outlet.” After the VIA rail staff left at Niagra Falls, on the Canadian side, and after the American customs people finished with their anal probings the Amtrak staff mentioned that I was in coach and I was booked for business class.

Business class is nicer.
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