Sunday, January 27, 2008

What I did on my Christmas vacation (Part II)

I bet you thought I forgot all about the "What I did on my Christmas vacation" series!

Before we left for our much needed Christmas break, my Beloved Instructor (He insists we call him that. In September he gave us a choice, it was either "Beloved Instructor" or "Wind Beneath Our Wings") Rob Washburn told us to come back in January with an issue we would like to investigate and create a website on for the upcoming semester.

I felt like a four year-old kid in a candy shop: There were too many possibitities! Where do you start first! What if you see something and then you see something better, then what do you do!?!

So, I decided to make a list.

Nice to have:
Connection to BC
good visuals
distinctive audio
little previous publicity, "new ground"

Canadian issues: identity (since WW II, since WW I, in relation to US, in relation to UK), telling our stories, education, First Nations, Arctic sovereignty, National social services patchwork, minimum wage, welfare benefits, health care, wait lists, provincial delivery, dentistry, mental health, mental health stigma

Demographic trends: baby-boomer retirement, economic effects, social effects, health care delivery

Media issues
: journalism ethics, ethics within ejournalism, media concentration, effect of journalism within politics, online political trends, effects of politics on journalism, effects of journalism on politics , response to "Cult of the Amateur"

: people living in sanctuary, undocumented immigrants, human smuggling

Environment: automobile (emissions, emission regulation, drive-through restaurants, culture, future technology), forestry, global warming (global warming disaster planning, defense against rising sea levels), generation of electricity

Urban planning
: urbanization, public transit, trains vs planes, busses

Racism: First Nations, immigrants

Human rights: First Nations, post-conflict veterans' support, Fair Trade products

Internet: net neutrality, privacy

: child poverty, First Nations' poverty Wage gap

Intellectual property rights/digital rights

Prostitution: legalization, abuse, pimps, pop culture/hip hop, morality, trends, profession

Illicit drug use: legalization, addiction, trafficking, organized crime

: international peacemakers, national peacemakers, history of international conflict, history of conflict

Yeah, it got a little out of hand.

When school started, with the help of my Beloved Instructor, I narrowed it down to a comparison of the current peace movement to the peace movement from the 1960's.

And the reason there's a picture of the Dalai Lama is because he's into peace.

And because I took the picture.
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