Tuesday, February 19, 2008

My School Project

At various times last year I claimed to either understand winter in Ontario or not understand it at all. Specifically here and here.

I was off my meds and drinking.

Apparently last year was a tough winter only if you're a pussy, or from Vancouver.

I'm from Vancouver.

This year, to my delight, there was snow at Christmas. Yeah!

We've past Valentine's Day and the snow is still here. Not so "yeah".

Last year even when it snowed I could get out and do stuff, this year they cancelled the Marmora Snofest sled dog race.

Two weeks ago I was supposed to go to Toronto to interview some people from the Toronto Coalition to Stop the War at their Houses not War Rally. While in Toronto I would be able to do the some interviews, capture some compelling video footage and maybe even see my good friend Monica and her sweetie pie Alberto.

That morning, my Beloved Instructor (He insists we call him that. It was either that or we shovel the driveway to Cobourg villa. Initially I thought shoveling was the better deal. It goes to show just how wrong one, me, can be.), Rob Washburn emailed to say he would not be driving from his Cobourg villa to school because the weather was too bad.

Slowly I worked through the logic that: if my Beloved Instructor, with his deep and vast wealth of experience believes it is unwise to drive from Cobourg to Belleville it is probably unwise for me to drive from Belleville past Cobourg to Toronto.

I worked all that out on my own. Neither my landlady Cathi nor her 10 year-old son Graeme had to help.

So, due to inclement weather I was unable to do interesting interviews and capture compelling video footage.

Stupid snow.
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