Monday, May 12, 2008

Dreaming of an internship

I didn't get the dream internship I was looking for.

When I left Ontario I was looking forward to an interview with David Beers of The Tyee.

Most journalism organizations are well organized for print, photography or broadcast interns, but not so much for e-journalism interns.

My interview went very well. I showed up on time and didn't bite Mr. Beers or pick my nose during the interview, not even a little bit.

Unfortunately, for me, I wasn't accepted as an intern at The Tyee. They felt I would need some mentoring and they didn't have a person available to mentor me.

I have to admit, I had put all my eggs in one basket, and proved once again the veracity of the aphorism.

Not getting the internship at The Tyee did create another opportunity.

I was able to create an intership at my church, Shiloh-Sixth Avenue United.

The church is part of an ecumenical outreach initiative, the Hospitality Project with St. Barnabas Anglican and St. Aidan's Presbyterian churches in New Westminster.

The Hospitality Project began when food bank clients were invited to queue inside the Shiloh-Sixth church's gym rather than wait outside in the cold.

Inside the gym, these people were protected not only from the cold, but from the abuse hurled at them from passing motorists.

My internship is to create a website for the project with multimedia content.

My Beloved Instructor (He insists I still call him that. Well it was either that or he gets to come to BC and infect me with lice, like a wild salmon fry in the Broughton Archipelago.), Rob Washburn wants a significant portion of the site to be about storytelling.

The people I have interviewed are passionate about serving the community, and what the project means to the community.

I didn't get the internship I was dreaming of, but I've got an internship that I think is important.

Maybe things have worked out better than I could've planned.

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