Tuesday, June 24, 2008

World Against War global day of action

As part of my course work at Loyalist I was required to live blog an event.

Live blogging is the posting of a story as the event covered is occurring.

I covered an anti-war protest in Toronto where some war resisters would be speaking way back on March 15.

Below are the posts submitted during the event which I just found on one of the blogs from school.

One of the problems with live blogging is spelling errors, what is posted below is uncorrected.
  1. War resisters speaking at the Trinity - St Paul's event are Carolyn Egan, a Vietnam era war resister, and.Linjamin. Mull and Chuck Wiley, both Iraq war resisters.
  2. When speaker Abdul Rahman Karim, an Afghan - Canadian, mentioned the recant (sic) parliamentary descion (sic) to extend the Afghan mission it was met with marchers (sic) cries of "shame".
  3. Jack. Layton called the parliamentary vote to extend the Afghan war a denial of the Canadian people's voice.
  4. Layton called for the UN to be at the centre of planning for Afghan reconstrution (sic) rather then. (sic) NATO, a military organization.
  5. Mull also made contact with the War Resisters Support Campaign before leaving the US. He has been in Canada for about a year and is in the refugee process.
  6. Wiley called for citizens to make their politicians aware of their concerns about Afghanistan so that votes like the one on the Afghan war. (I don't know where that trailed off to) He also called for Canadians to be informed about political issues.
  7. Even if Wiley was offered amnesty in the US, he would choose to stay in Canada.
  8. Wiley made contact with the war resisters in Canada before he left the US. The (sic) were able to advise him about coming to Canadan (sic), and secure housing for him.
  9. The rally has ended without the US webfeed (sic) because there was no time for it.
Yes, I am posting what was live blogged three months ago. You got a problem with that?

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