Friday, July 11, 2008

Corvette ZR1 at the Nordschleife (Nürburgring)

Why this?

Because I don't care about the iPhone 3G release.

And because Corvettes have been pretty good sports cars since they got independent rear suspension in 1962.

And because the Nürburgring is amazing, with about 100 turns per lap, it is considered one of the most difficult race courses in the world.

The Nürburgring was created as a make work project to reduce unemployment in the 1920's.

It is, and has been an important part of Formula One and sports car racing as well.

Today the Nürburgring has become an important part for marketing for modern performance cars, with manufacturers making sure their car's lap times are publicized and "leaking" pictures of their lapping the ring while "testing".

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