Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Seems funny to me

This satirical cover of The New Yorker magazine has created controversy.

No, not the hint-of-soft-core-porn kind of controversy Madonna usually does.

The cover plays off the whispering campaign created to defeat change. Oh, and Obama too.

Apparently "sources" suggest Obama is secretly a Muslim who hates America and so does his wife.

As such, if Obama becomes president, the terrorists win.

The New Yorker is the epitome of wit and sophistication, well, maybe not *the* epitome, but certainly *a* epitome.

It is not likely the magazine's editorial board believes Obama was Muslim attending the Jeremiah Wright's church for twenty years, while waiting for the opportunity to bring down America by bringing in the Deceptive Practices and Voter Intimidation Prevention Act.

Which means that the cover is satirical.

Unfortunately, some in America (I'm looking at you, Fox News) are neither as witty or as sophisticated as The New Yorker, so they may just assume the cover is actually an artist's rendering of a New Yorker exclusive in-depth investigation.

But not everyone in America believes Fox News is actually an unbiased news agency, which is surprising since George Bush somehow became president twice.

Some people watch ABC News, others watch NBC and still others watch CNN.

And some read The New Yorker.

Yes, some people read The New Yorker, rather than using it as an accessory to prove how witty and sophisticated you are.

It's unfortunate Obama has chosen the "tasteless and offensive" response route, rather than reacting to it with the wit and sophistication he used so effectively when he was battling Clinton (it doesn't matter which one).

Whenever she, or Bill, or Fox News would come after him he was able to deflect the attack, not by attacking in kind, straw man arguments or even name calling, Obama explained his position with wit and sophistication.

And a hypnotic cadence.

Maybe it was all a show.

Maybe he's not that witty, sophisticated or nuanced.

Maybe he is just a politician after all.

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