Thursday, August 21, 2008

Chinese Democracy

It's coming, you know.

Long ago, it was envisioned.

And even as I right this it is being lovingly crafted.

Inevitably, it will be real, and we will be able to hold it in our hands.

It's been so long, but when Chinese Democracy finally arrives, we will all be able to dance in the streets in celebration.

So many people have been working to bring forth Chinese Democracy for so long, it is difficult to remember a time without Chinese Democracy.

There are tantalizing hints of what Chinese Democracy may include, but there are conflicting understandings of what the clues mean.

Soon enough though, maybe not this year, maybe not next but in the time of the Rose we will know what Chinese Democracy is.

If Chinese Democracy does come this year, the good people at Dr. Pepper want to help celebrate by making sure everyone has a free drink.

Oh, and apparently there is a movement to bring representational government to the Chinese people too.

Good for them.

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