Friday, August 01, 2008

I hope this doesn't lead to a trend

I saw the latest Batman instalment The Dark Knight with my very good friend Rod and his son ThreeHillsFlying Kevin the weekend it came out.

I have enjoyed the current Batman iteration much more than the Tim Burton or Joel Schumacher series.

Apparently, according to my intensive *cough-WIKIPEDIA-cough* research, there was a movie in the 1960's based on the high (or is it low?) camp television series.

The Dark Knight is an excellent movie, continuing the story of Batman's tortured evolution.

I assumed the buzz about Heath Ledger's performance was hype, but his interpretation of the Joker was far better than Jack Nicholson's

Unusually, for me, something I like is also popular, The Dark Knight set records on its opening weekend making $155 million.

As much as one may dispute the historicity of movie box office numbers, it still means a lot of people went to see that movie in one weekend.

And so, this brings me to my eventual point, I read a comparitive analysis of The Dark Knight's marketing versus Iron Man's by Antony Young at Advertising Age and he said this:
"The Dark Knight" managed the unexpected death of Heath Ledger with a high degree of tact and skill. Insiders at the studio commented that his tragic passing became a big boost for the film's awareness levels. Internal tracking showed that following his death, awareness levels of the film reached extraordinary levels, and more importantly, interest in seeing the film increased roughly 20%.

Therefore be it resolved that:
  • If I am starring in a movie which needs to make huge box office
  • and
  • I will not have a role in any possible upcoming sequel
  • and
  • I am an A-list celebrity

I will be very careful lest I become the victim of an "accidental" death.

Sorry. Too soon?

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