Sunday, August 03, 2008

A tale of several cities

This is the result of a recent conversation with my very good friend Julie.

It's not her fault, it's just the result.

Richmond: Below sea level!

Surrey: No longer the car theft capitol of North America!

Delta: We're not Surrey!

Coquitlam: Subject to local flooding

Port Coquitlam: There's a port around here somewhere

Vancouver: 17 days without a shooting!

Burnaby: Ya wanna make something of it?

Ioco: No, it's not an Indian name

Belcarra: We're on the map, you know!

Maple Ridge: We're not Haney any more!

West Vancouver: That's right, we're richer than you are

North Vancouver: Because we can't afford West Vancouver

New Westminster: Better than the stupid "old" Westminster

Abbotsford: Not the buckle in the Bible belt any more, now we're a crime centre! (What are you doing out there, John?)

Chilliwack: We got... corn!


Squamish: You can't get here from there

Port Moody: Choo-choo go bye-bye

Winnipeg: We're not Edmonton!
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