Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Great Canadian Head Shave

My good friend Julie and some of her co-workers participated in this year's Great Canadian Head Shave.

The Great Canadian Head Shave is part of the Terry Fox at Work program, a fund raising initiative for the Terry Fox Foundation.

Of the over $3000 raised at the Ministry of Small Business and Revenue (Vancouver Branch), over $2000 of it was for Julie's golden shoulder (length)[inside joke] hair.

Across Canada, police, fire fighters, members of the military, children, government employees shaved their hair to raise funds for the Terry Fox Foundation.

This is the second year of
The Great Canadian Head Shave, which occured on the Friday of the Terry Fox Run weekend.

The music in the video is the Cowsill's version of Hair, from the musical of the same name. (What music would you have used?)

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Candra said...

YAY Julie and workmates! What a wonderful thing you all did!