Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Oh, my head

Okay, okay, I was a little excited in the last post.

After all, three Canadian elections and an American election in one year would get any political junkie excited.

And then I started wondering why we were having an election.

The federal Liberals never grew the genitalia (See how I'm not using gutter language!) to bring down the government.

Because, of course, legislation that is "an affront to Canadian values" is not a reason to loose confidence in a government.

Neither is compromising one's values.

According to a CBC article, "Dion said the Liberal caucus is united behind the decision to end the combat role by 2009."

Yeah, and so the mission will end in 2011.

But Harper says Parliament was not functional, and so now we have an election.

Whether we need it or not.

Yeah politics.

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