Wednesday, September 03, 2008

RIP Snowman

Uh, this is going to sound a little weird, but the 1977 movie Smokey and the Bandit was highly influential for me.

I was 10 when it came out, so stop looking at me that way.

It was the first movie I was allowed to go to without adult supervision.

Stop being so shocked, it was the seventies, children weren't that precious way back then.

I own well used copies of Smokey in both DVD and VHS (ask your parents) formats.

I was shocked to learn supporting actor Jerry Reed passed away on September 1, from complications due to emphysema, aged 71.

Besides being a supporting actor in my favourite movie, Reed also wrote music for the movie.

Reed was one of the first country and western musicians (yes, he played both kinds of music) to successfully launch a movie career while a maintaining a successful musical career.

Dolly Parton is such a copycat.

My deepest sympathies go to the Reed family, and friends.

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