Friday, December 05, 2008

Down at the demonstration

In cities across Canada today supporters of the Liberal, NDP, Bloc coalition gathered to show their support in rallies organized by the Canadian Labour Congress.

In Vancouver, supporters rallied at the convention centre at the Pan Pacific Hotel.

Well, the supporters and DJ Lawrence.

DJ Lawrence is a non-partisan PSAC member who does not support the coalition, and he has the balls to say so in the middle of the Vancouver rally.

Or, he would have said so in the middle of the rally if he'd been allowed inside.

Under the watchful eye of hotel security, Lawrence maintained his vigil in front of the hotel.

"PSAC had a hand in organizing this," Lawrence explained, "they publicized this with their membership, I'm a member of the union and I don't have a choice in that, and I don't have a choice in paying union dues.

"I'm quite certain it was done on PSAC time, which means it's on my union dollars, I don't agree with that.

"Whether I agree or disagree, they didn't ask their members about this, they don't have a mandate to do it, and as far as I'm concerned they're supporting a traitorous attack on our government."

Supporters streaming out of the hotel at the conclusion of the rally met Lawrence's protest with respect.

"Only a few people got in my face and were nasty about it," he said laughing.

"I wish they'd allowed me to go in, it seems to me a big part of Canada is having different opinions and respecting each other for them."

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