Wednesday, December 17, 2008

US Senate kills auto industry bail out: "Action Alert"

At the risk of beating a dead horse into a bloody, unrecognizable pulp, here's one more (possibly the last, but probably not) thing about the US ongoing saga of US Senate kills auto industry bail out.

Disclaimer: I am an employee of a General Motors' dealership

The American MSNBC program Countdown acquired an internal, confidential (presumably) memo entitled Action Alert - Auto Bailout circulated amongst Senate Republicans.

Sent: Wednesday, December 10, 2008 9:12 AM

Subject: Action Alert -- Auto Bailout

Today at noon, Senators Ensign, Shelby, Coburn and DeMint will hold a press conference in the Senate Radio/TV Gallery. They would appreciate our support through messaging and attending the press conference, if possible. The message they want us to deliver is:

1. This is the democrats[sic] first opportunity to payoff organized labor after the election. This is a precursor to card check and other items. Republicans should stand firm and take their first shot against organized labor, instead of taking their first blow from it. [My emphasis]

2. This rush to judgment is the same thing that happened with the TARP. Members did not have an opportunity to read or digest the legislation and therefore could not understand the consequences of it. We should not rush to pass this because Detroit says the sky is falling.

The sooner you can have press releases and documents like this in the hands of members and the press, the better. Please contact me if you need additional information. Again, the hardest thing for the democrats to do is get 60 votes. If we can hold the Republicans, we can beat this.

Let me parse the information for you (because this is my blog, and I can):
  • America is facing its gravest threat (al Qaeda couldn't have dreamed this up, because there isn't nearly enough bloodshed involved)
  • Senate Republicans are unable to get beyond partisan politics even in their last days in office
  • It is more important to attack organized labour than to do anything to serve their constituents
  • And this plan was formulated, agreed upon and distributed before the talks between Senate Republicans and the UAW broke down.
Or, looking at this another way:
  • These are not fanatical free-market capitalists who refused to compromise their principles
  • These are not public servants who are selflessly concerned about the greater good of the American people
  • And, any debate about the merits of bailing out industry was mute
These people are reprehensible and beyond contempt.

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