Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Examining the Examiner

Recently I received an invitation from NowPublic to apply for a paid position at the

NowPublic is a Vancouver-based citizen journalism site which was recently purchased by

"As mentioned last week, because you've posted articles, photos or video to NowPublic, our sister site,, is now inviting you to also become an Examiner if you live in one of the 160 US or Canadian cities where they have an edition; or for one of the two national editions."
Whoopee! A paying gig!

Uh, yeah. Funny thing about that. pays contributors relative to viewership of their stories, and length of time spent on their story's page.

Because I'm a journalist, I wanted to know more about, so I did what every journalist does: I Googled "" and read the Wikipedia article.

It turns out is owned by the Clarity Media Group which, in turn, is affiliated with AEG which is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Anschutz Company.

The Anschutz Company is a private company whose CEO, Philip F. Anschutz, is right-wing, conservative Christian supporter of George W. Bush.

He's kind of like a low-rent version of Rupert Murdock.

Yeah for me!  I'm helping an incredibly wealthy man become wealthier so he can make donations to political causes I abhor!  Lucky, luck me.

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