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Pride in the name of love

My editorial, originally published in the Kitimat Northern Sentinel August 18, 2010.

The letter Unable to share in Pride has been controversial online, and with emails to the editor.

The decision to publish her letter was not taken lightly.

Fighting censorship isn’t just about allowing voices one agrees with but also about those one doesn’t agree with to be heard.

It was not published to be gratuitously controversial, titillating, or vexatious.

And certainly not because I agree with it.

The passionate responses to the letter speak well of where we are as Canadians in general and Kitimatians particularly.

I am a Christian from a faith tradition which believes traditional understandings of chastity rules misunderstand the intention of the scripture writers and what God wanted us to understand.

My faith tradition argues these misunderstandings have persisted for many social and political reasons which have little to do with faith or God’s will.

The individuals who still hold those beliefs may do so for many reasons, including socialization, the faith tenets of their religious tradition, and even simple indifference about people they don’t know, or think they don’t know.

Fundamental in the argument against the writer’s views is the understanding of sexual orientation as a choice or not.

If you know people in the GBLT community, you may have heard their stories of firstly understanding their sexuality, deciding if they should “come out”, and then having to explain their friends, family and even lovers that the assumption of heterosexuality does not apply to them.

The stories are painful, traumatic and unfortunately, in some cases, tragic.

And that’s just if you live in Canada today, where sexual orientation can’t limit your employability, civil liberties or life.

The stories are similar in places where open members of the GBLT community face limits on employability, civil liberties and life.

Who would choose such a thing?

People who hold traditional understandings of chastity need to open themselves to people who may challenge their understanding of the world and their faith.

Unable to share in Pride
Dear Sir,
In some communities there is a bit of fluster about supporting gays, but for myself, I have no pride in Gay Pride.  People who live in such perversion, anything deviating from normal marital relations between a married man and his wife, are people bound in sin.  As with any sin, there is torment.
Even for those who think they can merrily do whatever they like without thinking of the end consequences, will find torment in the life to come.  We all follow a master; one must choose carefully.
Charlotte Urbanowski

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