Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Reflections on Father's Day

Yes, I imagine my father as Bing Crosby.

This was my first Father's Day.

Not just because this is my daughter's first Father's Day, but because this was the first Father's Day I participated in in a meaningful way.

As has been mentioned previously, my father was not a part of my life, for reasons which are not, and likely never will be, clear to me.

I've also not had a male equivalent in my life, so there was nothing to note.

Kind of like being Jewish at Christmas, there's all this stuff going on, but it has nothing to do with you.

Like so many things about fatherhood for me, Father's Day is new ground and I have no previous frame of reference.

Yes, there is TV, but I don't think The Brady Bunch should be a frame of reference for anything except hairstyle's in the 1970's.

My first Father's Day was great, I received cards from my daughter, wife, and, surprisingly, my mother (she says I'm a cool dad [no, she doesn't]) and good wishes from many friends.

My daughter and wife are my blessing and I'm looking forward to our life and the memories we'll create together.

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