Thursday, August 10, 2006

Loyalist and Belleville

I toured Loyalist and saw beautiful downtown Belleville. Actually, it is beautiful. There was one disturbing thing, though: they have an enormous graveyard with plenty of room to expand. This is situated right next to several senior citizen's homes. Maybe I read Stephen King's Pet Cemetary too many times, but it disturbed me.

Loyalist College, however, didn't disturb me (fortunate, considering my level of commitment up to this point), the campus is not very big, but bigger than I imagined. The student residences come with a maid, which relieves me of the "whose turn is it to clean the bathroom" scenario I had had nightmares about.

My mother and I had a lovely dinner with my good friend, Monica, and tomorrow my mother goes back to the coast, or "our respective corners" depending on how one might see things.
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