Thursday, August 17, 2006

Our regular programming

Let's see, I've been to the Art Gallery of Ontario, I saw the Andy Warhol exhibit, and their regular exhibit. I did the self-guided tour of Toronto's city hall. I toured Campbell House (I met a lovely woman from Sudbury. Shut up, don't tell her about what I said.). I've been to the St. Lawrence market (I wonder if it was named after the Sea Way?). I've been to the Eaton's Centre (No, I did not make an "out-of-the-way" trip to go there, because, let's face it: it's a mall.) I saw Much Music (I didn't take the tour because there can be as much as a six month waiting list, and this is tourist season.).

Today, I went to Oshawa. Yes, I spelled that correctly, Oshawa is a small town east of Toronto which has the head office of General Motors and a manufacturing plant. I figured there would be a plant tour available. Let me save you a trip: there is not. Well, actually, there might be a tour of the truck plant starting in September, but you will need to go to Gate 8 (wherever that is) and sign up, and get approved. Um, never mind.

On the other hand, the Robert McLaughlin Gallery is well worth the trip, if you like modern art. On your other, other hand, the Canadian Automotive Museum, well, I guess it didn't totally suck, because that the closest I've ever gotten to a vintage Bugatti.
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