Monday, August 14, 2006

Things are different here

I think the transit system here works better than the existing transit system in Vancouver. I'm not sure that I could have done as much toursit stuff in one day on the transit system in Vancouver as I did in Toronto. Yesterday, I went to the Danforth Avenue Greek festival (lots and lots of food, lots and lots of people, surprisingly good weather), the Royal Ontario Museum (great displays which give historical context to the stuff you're looking at) and the Queen's Quay, where there was some sort of festival happening which included more food and street performers.

While I was down at the Quay I was thinking how much it reminded me of Vancouver around False Creek and the old Expo site. Then I looked at who the developer is: Concord Pacific. They are literally trying to make the Toronto waterfront like the Vancouver waterfront. Good luck, because I have no idea where they will get the mountains from!
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