Thursday, April 19, 2007

New Stuff on the Right

See that stuff on the right?

Below the weather report.

Below the blog archive.

Yeah, that's it, the links.

There's some new stuff there.

In no particular order, except from top to bottom:
Flickr Portfolio, I'm putting my portfolio online, I chose to use Flickr because it finds my cutlines (captions) in the electronic image file (very cool);
A Boy and His Web Page, not so new, because I never seem to get around to updating it, but I will soon (no, really, soon, it will happen)(stop looking at me like that);
Loyalist College, uh, that's not very new either;
Kevin Darby, if that's not new, that's not my fault;
John Wilcox, that's new (My very good friend Karen married a guy not named Duane, but John, who drove a 4X4, and worked at a mill. Now they live in Abbotsford and he's a cop. What a difference 13 years makes.), he started a blog, I suppose it's the only way Karen lets him get a word in edgewise;
The Ottawa Mission, I am shocked by the amount of homeless people in our nation's capitol, I thought there was a lot in Vancouver. The Ottawa Mission is people who've been trying to help people help themselves since before the great (what was so "great" about it) depression.

And that's all the links [pause] there are. (Trust me, if you say that to the cadence of "Shave and a Hair Cut, Two Bits" it's hilarious.)(Ask your parents)(Okay, your grandparents)
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