Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Moving to Ontario Has Made Me Evil

Wow, what a difference geography makes. I finally understand what a great Prime Minister Brian Mulroney was and the scope of what he was trying to achieve with the well thought out, Meech Lake accord. I now understand the importance of our two, and only two, founding nations. There was no one else. Not even a little bit. Darn that Elijah Harper, Rafe Mair and, well, the rest of Canada who weren't patriotic enough to gamble along with our beneficent Prime Minister. I only hope Prime Minister Stephen Harper continues to heed his enlightened advice.

I now understand how important Quebec is to Canada and how little English Canada understands about this distinct nation's distinctiveness. Thank goodness I'm here and I've finally learned about how trivial the issues of the regions are to the national good. The regions should really stop whining about how little attention Ottawa pays to them compared to the attention Upper and Lower Canada receive and richly deserve. The regions also need to get over their historic quibbles. The National Energy Program was a long time ago, and Pierre Trudeau is dead, deal with it. Further, just because British Columbia was promised a railway doesn't mean it has to have one forever. Ask the Indians.

Toronto is truly an international city on par with London, Paris or Hong Kong, and clearly the most multicultural city in Canada. After all, many services are available in both official languages. Multiculturalism is when people from around the world can converse in English or French. Just ask Jacques Parizeau. The regions need to understand that just because you know where he “H” goes in Dhillon, you can use chop sticks and you know the difference between Sunni and Shia doesn't mean you're multicultural.

Most importantly, though, I finally understand why Quebec and Ontario need all those Senators and Members of Parliament: because they say they do. Now I finally understand it all.

My good friend and classmate Jim Bradford took the photo.
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