Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Places Where I Want to Eat When I Get Back to Vancouver (in no particular order)

Yaletown Brewing Company
White Spot (Yeah, it turns out I miss the place, who would've thought that was possible)
The Howe Sound Inn and Brewing Company
The Observatory
Moderne Burger (I've never been there, but it's "Moderne", so it will be like having the burger of tomorrow [wait for it] TODAY!)
The Owl and Engineer
One of the Boat Houses
One of The Kegs
The Red Onion
Tea at The Empress (shut up, I can have tea wherever I want)
French press coffee at that coffee bar out by UBC (I can't remember the name of it)
Rugby Club Beach Grille
The JJ Bean on Commercial Drive
My place, wherever that turns out to be
Sunrise Pizza on Commercial Drive (Packrat, that means you!)
Someone find me a replacement for Granville Sushi!
Central City Brew Pub
Red Robin (I miss the dry ribs)
New India Buffet & Restaurant (Cindy...)
The Irish Heather (I want to try the whiskey there [then I'll need someone to carry me out])
Our Town Cafe (Mmm, iced chai tea with Bailey's, mind you, iced Bailey's and tai chi could be nice too)
Mark Twain Restaurant (I've never been there before, but I like reading Mark Twain so it naturally follows that I'll like the restaurant)
The Orange Room
Hons (I don't care which one, but if we go to the the one in Chinatown, I want to do the night market. It's strange, I know, but I miss Chinese culture.)
Dave's Fish and Chips
Uncle Herbert's too
Washington Avenue Grill
The restaurant at the Experience Music Project (that can wait for a while though [but if we're going to be in Seattle anyway, this time we're getting into the first Starbucks, no matter how many people we have to kill, or hostages we have to take])
That kolache (whatever the spelling is) place on Beatty, next to Starbucks
The Mongoli Grill
The Pho restaurant on Broadway (Dave, Jenn, come on)
Toko (they've got deep fried coconut milk)
Memphis Blues (I'd like to go to the one on Commercial Drive)
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