Saturday, August 18, 2007

Manhattan Cars

Manhattan is not a car town. I knew that coming here, but in spite of the volume of cars, this is not a place with a car culture. I saw a Ferrari F355, myriad Porsches, Cadillacs, BMW’s and even a few Bentlies (that pluralization just looks wrong). Just because you can afford an expensive car doesn’t make you a car person.

Jalopnik does a cool thing called Down on the Street, Murilee Martin does a story on cars he sees in Alameda, California. That story would be almost impossible in Manhattan. Although the climate in Southern California is conducive to car presevation in a way that Eastern North America simply will never be, no matter how much global warming there is, I don’t believe the climate is the limiting factor. These people simply are not into cars.

I had heard a story that the New York Police were having trouble finding recruits with driver’s licenses. Where else in the universe would that be an issue?
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