Friday, December 14, 2007

Fools rush in

Okay, here we go: I don't think Karlheinz Schreiber or Brian Mulroney are telling the truth.

Disclosure: I'm one of many Canadians who can't stand Brian Mulroney.

Disclosure: I like sunsets and long walks on the beach.

Mulroney has claimed after he left politics he was broke and didn't have any employment prospects.

You know, like a factory worker laid off at Christmas because his or her job went to a country you just sign a trade agreement with.

I find it hard to believe a former prime minister couldn't get a job lecturing, consulting or pushing a broom.

I also find it hard to image someone with an MP's pension could ever be broke.

It doesn't make sense that the person who negotiated the FTA, Charlotte Town and Meech Lake believed being handed wads of cash in a hotel room was "how business was done".

I do believe Schreiber will say anything to remain in Canada, and as much as I understand why anyone would want to be in Canada, I'm not sure they're the same reasons he wants to be in Canada.

I can't imagine what the MP's are thinking they're accomplishing. Schreiber only answered the questions he wanted to answer, and Mulroney won't say that he'll pay back the two million dollar we gave him for defaming him.

The next step in this increasingly pointless exercise will be for the Conservatives to say we don't need an inquiry, the Liberals to say we do but who listens to St├ęphane Dion anyway, the NDP will accuse both the Liberals and the Conservatives of corruption and the Bloc won't care one way or the other.

And, as long as Stephen Harper keeps his mouth shut, everyone will forget that we're here because he doesn't read his mail.
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