Friday, December 14, 2007

Same song, second verse

Way, way back in October I wrote about the newly revealed information that American Vice President Dick Cheney knew a war in Iraq would be a, um, challenge. The stinging bit is that he knew this in 1992.

Before spending billions of dollars, creating a breeding ground for terrorists, the deaths of tens of thousands of Iraqi citizens and the deaths of thousands of American service people.

More recently, the American government has been warning that Iran is an imminent threat and military action may be necessary. This was easy for them to do because all they had to do was a global replacement for the word "Iraq" and replace it with "Iran" on all the media releases from 2002/2003.

Their arguments have exactly the same points: a country is threatening America, diplomacy won't work and the threat is imminent.

Now, it turns out Iran stopped their nuclear weapons program in 2003 due to international pressure.

The American's own National Intelligence Estimate says so.

So, to recap, Bush/Cheney scared the American public so they could start an illegal war in a country they knew posed no threat which was a former ally knowing it would be a quagmire for reasons which are still unclear, and now they want to do it again one country to the right.

My fear is Bush/Cheney will be able to start the war anyway because of news media distracted by:
a) another election
b) another celebrity publicly self-destructing
c)another important story which legitimately deserves coverage
d) something shiny
e) all of the above.
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