Sunday, February 03, 2008

Is this what Kennedy was like?

Even if you can't support Barak Obama politically, I imagine this is the kind of inspiration John F. Kennedy was able to create.

I am concerned, though.

If he wins, what happens if for the myriad reasons that happen in real life and politics he can't.

Then what?

Clinton, Huckabee, McCain and Romney are talking about change, not hope, or inspiration, if they don't deliver, it's politics as usual. No one has invested their hopes, heart or soul in those campaigns.

Obama is inspiring people to hope. Some argue hope and very little else, but his currency is hope. And people are investing their hopes, heart or soul in his campaign.

People like of The Black Eyed Peas and Jesse Dylan, son Bob Dylan.

My minister, back home in New Westminster, says Obama is the real deal.

I hope she's right, but I'm too cynical and maybe too scared to believe.

In any event, enjoy the video and for a little while, at least, hope.

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