Wednesday, March 05, 2008

My School Project

In my research of the peace movement in Canada, which is turning into research of the war resisters moment in Canada, I thought "Hmm, I wonder if the War Museum in Ottawa has anything on peace movements."

Actually, I may have said that out loud. I do that sometimes.

I was going up to Ottawa anyway to visit my friend Alexis and her boyfriend Ryan, and interview the Raging Grannies.

I sent an email request to the media contact people at the War Museum which was forwarded to Dr. Amber Lloydlangston.

Unlike the people I've been contacting for a job or internship (Hello? I'm offering to work for you for FREE!), Dr. Lloydlangston replied to me, and we arranged a meeting.

When I pitched my project idea to my Beloved Instructor (He insists we call him that. It was either that or he got to force us to do reenactments of the Star Trek:TOS episode Arena. That's the one where Kirk fights the Gorn [AKA: the big lizard guy] at Vasquez Rocks [AKA: Gorn Rocks]. We would have agreed to it, but Rob always insists on being Kirk.), I told him I was going to do a story on peace.

He suggested I narrow it down.

I said, "the peace movement."

He said, "narrower."

I said, "people and organizations working to end armed conflict."

He sighed, rolled his eyes and said, "narrower."

Eventually, after much more sighing, eye rolling and a reenactment of Encounter at Farpoint, my story came down to a contrast between the modern peace movement and the 1960's peace movement.

It has now become a story about the war resisters, but let's discuss that in another post.

In my interview with Dr. Lloydlangston, she told me she was doing research into a exhibit on the peace movement.

Currently she's doing research in the 18th century. I didn't even imagine there was a peace movement then, what with all the chopping off of heads going on.

The exhibit will open in 2010 at the War Museum and will be about the peace movement.

It would seem my Beloved Instructor, with his vast experience knew what he was talking about when he told me to narrow my focus, because I don't think I could have done all that research and then, on top of all that, created a website by March 14.

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