Saturday, March 08, 2008

Things you didn't want to know about Mom and Dad

It's worse than I thought.

Continuing with my previous allegory to a disturbing degree:

It turns out Mom and Dad are getting back together not so much because they love each other, but because Mom is broke and has no employable skills, the kids need to eat and no one else will have her.

Dad is willing to take Mom back, but she has to file for backruptcy and agree to anal sex.

Sorry about that last mental image, but I'm still bitter, and Tony George is still a rat bastard, home wrecker.

See the article below.

The Champ Car World Series is officially in bankruptcy court in Indianapolis.

The filing shows an assortment of creditors, including four companies owned by the four men who filed the bankruptcy: Gerald Forsythe, Kevin Kalkhoven, Dan Pettit and Paul Gentilozzi.

Cosworth, which is owned by Forsythe and Kalkhoven, seeks $1.825 million; PKV Racing, owned by Kalkhoven and Pettit, wants $645,883; RuSport, which was bought by Pettit, seeks $424,861; and Forsythe Championship Racing, which is going out of business, wants $327,961.

The filing also shows that Indy Racing League founder Tony George will pay $6 million for key assets of Champ Car, including the mobile medical facility. Also, George will pay Kalkhoven and Forsythe, the series' two primary owners, $2 million each to promote and stage the Grand Prix of Long Beach on April 18-20. George agreed to continue the Long Beach race in future IRL seasons.

Champ Car and the IRL will finalize their contract once Champ Car's filing passes through U.S. Bankruptcy Court. They signed an agreement in principle on Feb. 22.

Via Autoweek
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