Sunday, June 15, 2008

Doors of my heart

It has been an emotional weekend.

I have completed my internship and sent my final report to my Beloved Instructor, Rob Washburn. He doesn't insist we call him that, but choose to because he has been part of my transformation.

I am coming to understand now that my education has not merely been a process to be completed as I made my way to a new life, but is part of a fundamental transformation of who I am.

My graduation ceremony happened on Friday. I had not planned to attend because I had merely understood my education in Ontario as process and I have come to regret the oversight. The ceremony with its tradition and gravitas would also have been an important part of my transformation.

I learned I made the Dean's List via emails from my classmates. When I came to Loyalist I was terrified I would not succeed at all. My prior academic experiences and misunderstanding of my intellect had not led me to believe such a level of excellence was within me.

To all who have supported me in all the ways I've needed over the past two years and to all the new friends I've made in the past two years, thank you all. The words are inadequate, but please understand how much emotion there is behind them.

One door of my life has closed, a new door is open.
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