Tuesday, June 17, 2008

We are currently experiencing technical difficulties

I am currently in hold hell.

My website is currently down. I'm not entirely sure why, but it's been taken up to the next level of engineering.

I have to confess some complicity in this.

The good people at TD Canada Trust sent me a new Visa card to replace my expired one. Clearly they still love me even though I'm over the limit. Unfortunately, I was slow in activating the new card.

Did I mention I was over the limit?

Anyhoo, I'm no longer over the limit (thanks Mom), but I am still on hold.

Okay, I haven't been on hold all this time.

I got stuck on hold this morning for oven an hour when I was trying to enter the new credit card expiry date into the account information page at Yahoo!.

That's when I found out the problem wasn't exclusively mine. And then I had to leave for a meeting at the Hospitality Project to preview the web site I've created (He liked it!)

After the meeting, I called to pay the bill, but after an hour on hold the credit card was declined. Did I mention the status of my credit limit?

Upon a promise to always wear clean underwear, my dear mother helped me with the silly credit card technicality. (Stupid technicalities)

Now I'm on hold so I can pay the bill, so I get my website up online, so people will be able to view my portfolio, so someone will give me a job, so I can pay my mother back so I can wear dirty underwear whenever I want.

One expects, when calling government offices, to be on hold significant portions of one's life because of the inevitable round of budget cutbacks inflicted by whichever elected party it was you didn't vote for; but, when calling a business, to straighten out a billing issue, one would hope to not be on hold for three hours and counting.
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