Wednesday, July 02, 2008

We'd like to take your money, but we can't

In the ongoing saga of billing difficulties at Yahoo!, yesterday I received a phone call from Wayne at Yahoo! technical support advising me the issue has been resolved.

I wouldn't be able to log in right away, but if I waited until tomorrow (today), everything would be fine.

This morning I was awoken by the gentle, dulcet voice of Dawnie, the Yahoo! CSR I had spoken to previously.

She asked if I had attempted to log into Yahoo! billing.

I said no, but I could.

She told me she called because she had seen I had been called already and told the account was fixed, but she suspected there was still a problem.

I logged in and there was.

The Blessed Dawnie is opening a new case, because Wayne closed the previous one since the problem was "solved".

To think, initially, I was just pissed off because I was on hold.

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