Monday, September 29, 2008

Je ne se pas

In one of the high school French classes I failed, I learned one key phrase I could trot out to speed my way to the inevitable "F".

Je ne se pas", or, in English (another high school class I failed), "I don't know."

After all, it's not that you fail the class, but how efficiently you fail the class.

At dinner the other night, my very good friend Julie was telling me some of her online friends were conducting a poll of the up coming American election.

Of course some supported Obama, others McCain and significant portion were undecided.

This is expected, but then one of Julie's online friends posed the question: How could you be undecided at this point?

I hadn't really though about it, but, really, how could you be undecided.

The Republican and Democratic leaderships have been settled for quite some time, and I can't imagine the vice-presidential choices could be a deal-breaker.

Well, I could imagine Palin could be a deal-breaker, I mean, come on, seriously, Palin?

A country of 300 million people, with some of the best education institutions in the world, and Palin is who the Republicans chose?

Je ne se pas!

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