Sunday, September 28, 2008

In memorium: Alice Damonse

Today would be my late Grandmother's birthday.

My Grandmother helped my mother raise me.

She came to Canada in 1969 to visit my mother who came in 1965 and then had me two years later.

The "visit" became permanent, eventually my grandmother became a Canadian citizen and lived in Canada until her death in 1996.

I am only one of my Grandmother's 21 grandchildren, but I was privileged to have her to myself exclusively for almost 30 years.

My Grandmother and Grandfather had a turbulent relationship until their final estrangement.

My Grandfather died in in 1971 and was buried in Johannesburg.

Before his death, my Grandfather expressed regret for the challenges he placed on his marriage.

Until her passing, my Grandmother remained deeply in love with her late husband, so when it came time to inter my Grandmother's ashes, the logical place was beside my Grandfather.

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