Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I am British Columbian

In a previous post I admitted I had no idea what riding I was going to be voting in.

As the title suggests, no, wait: implies.

No, no: says!

Wait, what were we talking about?

Oh, right, I'm a British Columbian.

Actually, I'm a British Columbian from New Westminster.

It turns out, you pretty much get to vote wherever you call home.

So, I'm calling New Westminster home, and voting here.

I Am British Columbian
I am not a fisher, owner of a marijuana grow op or a lumber jack
I don't live at a Starbucks, I don't roller blade everywhere
And I am not vegan
I don't know Butterfly, Dandelion or Rainbow from Kits
Although I'm certain they're very nice people
I drink Mexican grown, fair-traded, coffee served with organically grown sugar and cream from free-range raised cattle
I believe in the right to protest against any dictator, not pepper spray
Cheese curds do NOT belong on French fries
And I pronounce it Na-NI-mo, not whatever it was you said, Na-NI-mo!
I can proudly fly my province's flag every time a Premier resigns in disgrace
There are at least a dozen ways to order coffee, two inches of snow IS a blizzard
And three months of rain IS summer
BC is the only province brought into confederation with a railway
The first province in debt accumulation
And the best part of the North American Free Trade Agreement
My name is Anthony Damonse!!
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