Monday, May 11, 2009

More choices for you

I believe politics can be a noble profession.

When you read that last sentence please try not to imagine it said by Larry the Cable Guy at the end of an episode of Blue Collar TV, it takes away some of the gravitas.

After all, I'm all about the gravitas.

Continuing with the point of this blog post, and since they're so infrequent, you think I'd just get to the point, but I'm over 40 and my mind wanders.

Where were we?

Ah, yes, the nobility of politics.

Roman law, the Magna Carta the Universal Declaration of Human Rights are all the result of political process.

For me, these documents represent the nobility of politics, and the people who helped create them provide an aspirational example of humanity.

The people in the video below are part of that continuum.

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