Thursday, April 30, 2009

Yeah! It's my birthday!

And it's the last day to file your income taxes in Canada.

And it's the day Adolf Hitler kill himself.

And it's the day Eva Braun killed herself.

And it's the day the Americans left Viet Nam.

And it's Prime Minster Stephen Harper's birthday.

And it's Michael Waltrip's birthday.

And it's the day George Washington took office.

And it's the day Emily Stowe died.

And it's the day Dickens'
A Tale of Two Cities was first published.

And it's the day the United States purchased Louisiana.

And it's the day CERN announced the world wide web would be freely available to everyone.

And it's the day the Dodge brothers' widows sold the Dodge Brothers automobile manufacturing to Dillon, Read & Co.

And it's the day Prime Minister Mulroney and the first ministers agree to the Meech Lake Accord draft.

And it's the day Princess Beatrix Wilhelmina Armgard of the Netherlands, of Orange-Nassau and of Lippe-Biesterfeld ascended to the Netherlands' throne to become Queen after her mother Queen Julia abdicated.

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