Sunday, April 26, 2009

BC Social Credit Party

Social Credit Party president Carrol Woolsey says her party will not be contesting the current provincial election.

"The BC Social Credit Party will not be fielding candidates in the current election, but will field candidates any upcoming byelections."

Growing up in BC, there were only two viable parties running in provincial elections, the dirty, socialist NDP and the ruthless, capitalist Social Credit.

If you're older than I am, and I'm really old
the Social Credit, or the "Socreds", were the only real party to vote for.

And there was only one real leader, W.A.C. Bennett.

My maternal grandmother's maiden name was Bennett. (No relation, and I thoroughly digress, kind of like an episode of Family Guy.)

As I mentioned above, the Social Credit Party, were the ruthless, capitalist party holding the dirty socialists hoards at bay and keeping British Columbia safe for democracy.

It wasn't always that way, though.

The party was created in Alberta to give money to working-class people "social credit" so they could afford to purchase the fruits of capitalism.

The BC Socreds weren't so much about giving money to working-class people, but making sure the province was a viable place to do business.

Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Rather than "social credit" we received hydroelectric dams, which gave us cheap, somewhat environmentally responsible electricity, roads to bring goods to market and BC Rail.

And then the Socreds met the colourful Bill Vander Zalm.

And Vander Zalm met the colourful Faye Leung.

Socred Party leader and provincial premier Vander Zalm had to resign due to conflict of interest from the sale of his Fantasy Gardens property by real estate agent Leung.

A whole book could be written about that.

The Social Credit party lost the subsequent election and has not recovered yet.

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