Sunday, August 01, 2010

Kitimat: A marvel of nature and industry

Just to get you up to speed:
  • I no longer work at Dueck GM (So long and thanks for all the fish!)
  • I no longer live in New Westminster
  • I live in Kitimat

Yes, I'm still getting married.

I received a six month contract job offer from Black Press July 23 to become the acting editor of the Kitimat Northern Sentinel which I accepted.

So, now I live in Kitimat and I work for Black Press.

This is the opportunity I've been waiting for since I finished school in 2008.

Yes, it was that long ago.

It was so long ago I was afraid I would never find work in journalism at all.

Although the job is only temporary, it is an excellent opportunity to work, learn, hone skills and update the resume.

In my duties as acting editor, I figure out what the stories are, gather news, write stories, shoot pictures, dummy the pages, write an editorial and layout the pages.

My fiancée Charmaine, the best fiancée in the world, insisted I take the opportunity although it would mean we would be apart until the wedding, and after the wedding too.

I am blessed by God and the luckiest man in the world.

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