Monday, August 02, 2010

My first editorial

Well, is my first editorial if you don't count this blog.
It was published in the Kitimat Northern Sentinel July 7, 2010.
Thank you.
It’s an unusual way to start a relationship, let alone an editorial perhaps.
I wanted to say thank you to the residents of Kitimat who have welcomed me so graciously and warmly in the short time I’ve been here.
I also say “thank you” because I have two very large shoes to fill and I will need your help.
Kitimatians are enthusiastic and passionate about their news in their comments, consumption and contributions.
Your input makes this newspaper yours, because you let us know what is important to you, your family and friends.
I am looking forward to meeting as many of you as possible, and would love to hear your stories about why you love Kitimat and your experiences here.
I am a hometown boy too, but my hometown is New Westminster, where I was born and raised.
I lived in Eastern Ontario for two years, so I’m aware winter may last more than Tuesday to Thursday.
I have travelled extensively in Canada and abroad and I am looking forward to my adventures in Northwest BC.
I had be told of Kitimat’s beauty before coming here, but the view up Douglas Channel took my breath away.
Thank you again, I look forward to hearing your voices, sharing stories and our grand adventure.
Anthony Damonse
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