Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Meet Elizabeth and Henry

Elizabeth and Henry are good friends of mine who are looking to adopt a baby.
They are great people and I know they would be a very good mummy and daddy.
Here's their story:

Thank you for looking at us as the possible adoptive parents for your child. We can’t imagine how difficult and heart wrenching this decision has been for you. Having your child become part of our family would be an amazing gift. We are excited about the prospect of having a new child in our life. It will give us the opportunity to share our lives with them and watch them grow. We want to be open and honest with any child we raise. If you chose us, we will make sure your child knows that you love him or her and only want what is best. We are open to discussing the healthiest way of developing a relationship between our two families.

Let us now tell you a bit more about our family. Both of us have university degrees. Elizabeth has a Master’s in teaching and a BA in Spanish. Henry has a BSc in physics. We feel we can help our child with any of their educational needs.

Henry has very stable employment working with databases and computer technology. He is calm, patient and kind. He enjoys hiking, reading and telling jokes. You can always count on him to answer any science questions you have. Henry grew up as a Boy Scout and is hoping to introduce our children to the scouting movement. He is a first generation Canadian. His parents emigrated here from Holland. He has an older brother, who is married and lives in the States. His parents live 15 minutes away from us and are very excited at the prospect of having a first grandchild.

Elizabeth is originally from the States. She is a dual citizen of the US and Canada. Even though her family is still in the States, they are close, and visit or call each other often. She has two older sisters and two older brothers who all have children. Her mother is retired and loves to visit family and is exited about having another grandchild to visit. Elizabeth is bilingual (Spanish/English) and has lived in a variety of different countries like Spain, Italy and South Korea. She is a computer teacher at a local elementary school. Elizabeth enjoys volunteering in the community, and helping those less fortunate. She works with the children and youth at her church. She loves to sing, and is a member of the church choir. She plans to stay at home or work part-time until our children are in pre-school or kindergarten.

As a couple we like to do a variety of things together. Often, we’ll play racquetball or tennis on the weekend. We love playing board and card games. At least once every couple of months we get together with friends and play games, watch movies or just hang out. We enjoy travelling to the States to visit Elizabeth’s family and friends. We really enjoy hanging out with our tuxedo cat, Shyman. He is an indoor cat who loves to be petted. You’ll often see him lazing about in the window watching squirrels and birds go by.

We live in a two-story townhouse with two bedrooms on the same floor. The child’s bedroom has a beautiful view of a wooded area. They will be able to watch the birds and squirrels play in the trees. We have a small garden in the back yard with vegetables.

We want to raise a child in a healthy environment. Because of this, we’ve specifically chosen our community. It is safe and family-friendly. On an average day, families are outside playing hockey or just sitting and chatting. There is a playground in our complex, and a reasonable-sized park within walking distance. We live next to an elementary school. There are lots of hiking trails and wooded areas for children to explore as they grow. Our community has lots of social events throughout the year: there’s a large firework display and party on Halloween, a Christmas party, and a summer BBQ. The neighbours work together to keep the community clean and safe.

In closing, we’d like to thank you again. We hope this letter gives you more information about what life would be like living in our family. We feel honoured that you are looking at us as a possible family for your child.

All our best,
Elizabeth and Henry
 If they sound like the kind of people you'd like to raise your child, or perhaps you know someone, you may contact them at

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