Sunday, January 15, 2012

This is how the Internet is supposed to work

Apparently I can be mistaken.

Further, I can be apparently mistaken and someone can point it out without being a dick about it.

Reader and fellow blogger Socred is obviously one of those people who can tell you how you're wrong and not be a dick about it. Everybody wins!

He was kindly pointed out the errors in the April 26, 2009 post BC Social Credit Party, and I asked then if it was okay to post his information in a subsequent blog post and he kindly agreed to this.

Yeah, um, that was over two years ago.

Anyhoo, here's what he had to say.

The Alberta Social Credit Party was developed based upon the theories of the originator of the Social Credit movement - Clifford Hugh Douglas.

William Aberhart, the first Social Credit Premier, read a book on Social Credit by Maurice Colbourne entitled "The Meaning of Social Credit" and decided that Social Credit was exactly what the people needed. He subsequently used his position as a radio broadcaster to promote Social Credit in Alberta.

Douglas and Aberhart were asked to testify before the Alberta Agricultural Commission with the then UFA government. The government at the time was not prepared to implement Douglas' ideas, but instead decided to run two sets of candidates in each riding: one a regular UFA candidate, and the other a Social Credit candidate. The Social Credit candidates won an overwhelming majority, and Aberhart, who did not run in the election, had to run in a bye-election in order to become leader of the party and Premier.

Social Credit does not promise dividends only to "working class" people, but to everyone. In fact, the whole purpose of the dividend is to supplement the wage as physical capital replaces labour in the productive process.

An introduction to Social Credit theory and history can be found on Wikipedia.

There are also several essays on the subject, and many links which can be found at my blog, which can be accessed by clicking on my username.

Take care.

See what I mean? He disagreed with me, backed up his information and wasn't a dick about it.

And yes, when I tell you the cheque is in the mail, I could actually be telling you the truth. [Probably not, but I could be.]


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